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Vegetable Spring Roll     $1.85

Vegetable Egg Roll         $1.85

Sweet and sour wonton $5.50

Salty peppery chicken nuggets $10.95

Satay beef                       $9.85

Deep fried chicken wing $10.50

Honey garlic chicken wing $10.50

Korean wings (spicy)       $11.49

Thai style wings (spicy)   $11.49

BBQ pork spare ribs        $13.99

Honey garlic ribs             $12.99


Wonton soup            $4.75

Hot and sour soup    $4.75

Chicken noodle soup $4.75

Sweet corn and chicken soup $4.75

Egg drop soup           $4.75


BBQ pork slices        $11.99

Ma Po Tofu               $10.95        

Stir fry string bean with pork $11.99

Salty peppery pork chop $10.95

Eggplant with pork   $10.95

Chop Suey

Vegetable chop suey                  $9.50

Chicken/ beef/ pork chop suey $10.50

Shrimp chop suey                      $10.99


Shrimp and mixed vegetable     $13.99

Spicy Szechuan shrimp              $13.99

Sautéed breaded shrimp           $13.99

Shrimp in Lobster sauce with rice  $13.99

Sautéed breaded fish fillet         $13.99

Bread fish in black bean sauce   $13.99


Stir fry beef broccoli       $11.99

Stir fry beef mushroom  $11.99

Beef vegetable medley  $11.99

Curry beef (spicy)           $11.99

Honey crystal with beef $12.50

Beef in black pepper sauce $11.99

Beef vegetable in black bean sauce $11.99

Spicy Szechuan beef      $11.99

Orange beef                   $12.50

Egg Foo Yung

Plain Egg Foo Yung          $ 9.95

Mushroom Egg Foo Yung $9.95

Chicken or beef or BBQ pork Egg Foo Yung $11.99

Shrimp Egg Foo Yung      $11.99

Special Egg Foo Yung      $12.50

Pad Thai

Chicken or beef Pad Thai                          $11.50

Shrimp Pad Thai                                        $11.99

Curry chicken or beef Pad Thai                 $11.50



Stir fry chicken vegetable medley      $11.99

Lemon chicken (sauce on side)          $11.99

General Tao chicken                           $12.50

Stir fry cashew nut chicken (spicy)     $11.99

Soo Gai (Gravy on side)                      $11.99

Stir fry chicken with mushroom          $11.99

Honey crystal chicken                         $12.50

Stir fry chicken broccoli                       $11.99

Chicken with eggplant                         $12.50

Garlic chicken stir fry Bak Choy           $11.99

Chicken in black bean sauce and vegetable $11.99

Stir fry green bean with chicken          $12.50

Szechuan spicy chicken and vegetable $11.99

Curry chicken                                        $11.99

Orange breaded chicken                    $12.50

Sesame bread chicken                       $12.50

Honey garlic chicken ball                    $11.99

Vegetable delights

Garlic broccoli                    $10.50

Szechuan spicy vegetable $10.50

Golden To Fu vegetable    $10.99

Golden To Fu with broccoli $10.99

String bean in black bean sauce $10.99

Mixed vegetable                $10.50

Garlic Bak Choy                  $10.99

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour chicken ball     $11.99

Sweet and Sour chicken           $11.99

Sweet and Sour pork               $11.99

Sweet and Sour shrimp            $11.99

Sweet Thai chicken                   $11.99

Sweet Thai pork                        $11.99

Rice (add on eggs $1/each)

Special fried rice/Yang Chow fried rice $10.99

Chicken/beef/pork fried rice                $9.50

Vegetable fried rice                              $7.99

Shrimp fried rice                                   $10.99

Pineapple fried rice                               $8.50

Plain fried rice                                       $6.50

Pineapple with chicken fried rice          $10.99

Steamed rice                                          $2.50


Cantonese chow mein                   $14.99

Beef/chicken/pork lomein             $10.50

Shanghai noodle                           $10.99

Singapore style rice noodle           $10.50

Beef Hor-Fan (flat rice noodle)       $10.50

Shrimp lomein                                $10.99

Szechuan spicy thick noodle          $10.99

Plain lomein noodle                      $6.50

Vegetable lomein                           $8.99

Black pepper beef noodles            $10.99

Satay beef Hor-Fan                        $10.50

Green pepper beef Hor-Fan           $10.99